Thursday, 9 June 2011

Post 9, in which I talk about hot air balloons

When I returned Star (see post 7) to her owner next door, hubby and I were invited in for a chat. Our 4 year old next door neighbour had drawn a beautiful picture and told us a story about the hot air balloons, which is topic of the moment.

On clear mornings in Melbourne, we often see the hot air balloons drifting past, so our neighbour had seen one that morning and according to the story, he had taken one to the butcher, then to the park, then to the newsagent, then to Kindy to pick up his big sister and many more places before arriving home.

It was a brilliant story, and we all said so. I told 4 year old about how Banjo (our dog) is terrified of hot air balloons which 4 year old found quite surprising because "there is nothing to be scared of". His dad later told me that 4 year old had previously been frightened by hot air balloons not so long ago.

He also told us about how his 4 year old had once pointed up at a hot air balloon and asked why the people on it were having a barbecue. Priceless.

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