Friday, 3 June 2011

Post 3, In which I introduce Finegan

I have always had cats my whole life.
I love the companionship they provide. I love how they are low maintenance, yet affectionate and always seem to know when they are wanted and when they are not. I always thought that I had cats figured out: they like food, snuggles, and warm places to sleep. I thought I had them figured out....until I met Finegan.

Finegan was originally a rescue kitten I picked up from the vet in Woolloongabba. Originally christened Adonis, I was drawn to him mainly because he had really long hair spurting from his ears, reminding me of an old wizard.
When the vet nurse took Finegan out of the cage and placed him in my arms, I had never heard such loud purring. He snuggled in and fell asleep there in my arms while I filled in the adoption papers and paid the fee. I remember thinking how awesome having such a snuggly handsome cat would be.
Pull out a camera and Finegan will pose for you

Upon bringing him home, it didn't take long for me to realise that I had totally been played. That one time in the vet's was the only time he ever let me pick him up without a struggle. Even trying to stroke him, he has this way of flatteing himself down to avoid your touch and gives you a look as if he has been totally and utterly violated.

Although not the most affectionate cat in the world, Finegan really likes to be near you. He falls asleep in the room that you are in and alway in the strangest sleeping positions.

Finegan went through what we call a 'bogan stage' for a while, he used to come home covered in grease, grass, seeds, leaves and anything else and he never cleaned himself properly. I used to wonder what he'd get up to.

After we moved to Melbourne, Finegan became pretty well known around the neigbourhood. Reports came to us in dribs and drabs about how the neighbour would find him asleep in his bed, or how he would wait on the doorstep for the 10 year old girl down the road to come home from school and then let her pick him up and cuddle him (WHAT?).

When we had to move again earlier this year, many of our neighbours told us that they would really miss having him around (not us, but our cat).
My favourite is when we realised that the only car he would sleep on was the neighbour's pride and joy below:

So to sum up: My cat might not be the most cuddly cat in the world, he might wake us up by scratching our heads, but he truly is awesome at being a cat. Full of himself and adorable.

My life is richer with him in it.
I also forgot to mention that he is more affectionate with the dog than with anyone else.


  1. That's a lovely post Katie, you should turn it into a children's book. And promote it as non-fiction!

  2. so sweet!! I looove cat a lot but never had one (travel too often, too busy blah) and please have more posts about Finegan!!!

  3. I love your description of Finegan, what a character!

  4. Love your Finegan! This is a story I did last year when Ruth made us do show and tell: