Sunday, 5 June 2011

Post 5, in which I share my recipe for chai tea that I learned to make in India

When you travel by yourself, you have to take your own photo

I travelled to India in January of 2009. A pretty incredible experience, not sure it's one I'd like to repeat any time soon as I am still traumatised by the gang of monkeys that chased me around the hotel in Jaipur.

When I was staying in the beautiful city of Udaipur, I took the opportunity to learn 6 Indian dishes from a local women teaching from her home.
The beautiful lake city of Udaipur

Here is the recipe I learned for delicious Indian chai tea.

500ml Milk
500ml Water
Small piece of ginger
Tea Leaves
5 or6 Cloves
3 Black peppercorns
3 Green Cardamon pods
Small stick of cinnamon
Teaspoon sugar per person

Put 1/2 milk, 1/2 water on the stove with 3 teaspoons of tealeaves and cinnamon stick and start boiling

While waiting for it to boil crush up ginger, cloves, cardamon, pepper (I use a mortar and pestle) and add it to the pot with the sugar.

If the colour is too light, add more tea.

Once boils, turn it off, strain and serve!

Tada!! it's lovely masala tea

Snake charming at the Amber fort


  1. Am going to make your recipe!!
    Love chai- drank so much of it when we were in India in 2004...

  2. I've saved your recipe to try out- what i like is that I've got the ingredients already :D
    You also have another career as a snake charmer too!