Sunday, 19 June 2011

Post 16, in which I mention my favourite softies projects.

Last year, I discovered via @haikugirlOz the Softies for Mirabel project. The Mirabel Foundation is based in Melbourne and do really important work providing support for kids who may be orphaned or abandonded due to their parent's drug addiction.

Softies for Mirabel is co-ordinated by Meet Me at Mikes on Brunswick St in Fitzroy and basically put the call out for people to donate their handmade toys to save Mirabel from spending money on Christmas presents.

Check out last years project:

I donated 20 of my toys to the project because I had been making heaps of toys and wasn't sure what to do with them until I heard about the project.

All the toys donated get displayed in the window of Meet Me at Mikes here are some of my toys in the display.

Apparently, Vogue Japan heard about the project and ran a story on it. They also made a video within which one of my toys is the star. See here:

Pretty awesome huh?

You can also look at other toys donated here

Keep an ear out for this years call for toys if you want to participate- usually around the end of September

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