Friday, 10 June 2011

Post 10, in which I introduce Banjo

Banjo came to us in 2008, around 6 weeks before Hubby and I were married. We had just returned from living in Ireland and had made the decision to really settle down. Banjo was an early wedding present from my big brother whose dog had had a litter of pups, Banjo was the runt of the litter.

I had always wanted a Border Collie named Banjo, it seemed such a good name for the breed and luckily enough, it suited him down to the ground!

Hubby was never keen on having pets, I don't know if it's because he grew up on a farm in Ireland. I remember him telling me (a vegetarian) that animals were for eating and nothing else. I convinced him that a dog would be a fabulous idea, and don't worry, Banjo would be my dog.

We were living in Brisbane at the time, and my brother in Airlie Beach, so he flew down with Banjo and I collected them from the airport.

Bringing Banjo home, it took about 5 minutes for him and hubby to be completely besotted with one another and I knew then that Banjo would never be my dog.
Although the runt of the litter, our boy has grown into a big dog. He is so much bigger than his mum and very handsome.

Banjo is obsessed with tennis balls, soccer balls, frisbees and sticks and anything else you can throw that he might retrieve
Banjo has an entourage - other dogs at the park follow him everywhere. He really does play soccer too. I wish I had a video to show you
Now hubby and Banjo are nearly inseperable.

I must highlight here, what an awesome dog Banjo is. I find it easy to talk about the cat Finegan as Finegan is completely insane but as Banjo is such a good dog, I have less interesting stories about him. Though he really is the best dog anyone could have. He is obedient, intelligent, affectionate and outrightly awesome.

Banjo knows loads of words too. Below is what happens when you say "Park"
Here are some cute pictures:

I love my furry family.

And most importantly, hubby would never be without his furry children. They are now his life.


  1. Lovely lovely pictures of Banjo!!!!! Never had pet before, maybe I should!!!