Monday, 6 June 2011

Post 6, In which the toys take over MPOW.

As you may have picked up in my previous posts, I love to make things. I live for it. At the moment, my favourite thing to make are softies. Now, there are side effects that occur when one is creative, particularly when one is not so good at selling things created.
Especially, when the passion for creating outweighs any desire for monetary compensation.

The point is: I end up giving away most of the stuff I make.

At my old place of work, one of the male librarians became quite distressed when my creations outnumbered the people in the office. I have one thing to say to that.

He should be glad he does not work in my current place of work.

Apparently, the section looks like toys have exploded from my desk (aka: the epicentre) and spread across the entire section.
My desk (note, Angry Birds by @haikugirlOz, and elephant not my creation)

The desks next to me

Desk to the right
A bit further away

And furthest...

Now, there are many many more of my toys than that in the section. This is just a taste.

Are you glad you don't work with me?


  1. I would totally love to work in the same office as you :) Every office could do with a bit of colour and personality like this!

    The hot pink elephant and corduroy dogs are my favourites - so adorable!

  2. It can be a harsh in cubicle land. I would enjoy having the softies around.

  3. I wish I worked with you! We all need colourful softies!