Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My first blog post within which I clean my desk. Hey, I never said it was going to be interesting.

For those that know me, you probably know that I am a very organised person - on the inside.
Outwardly I am an incredibly messy worker, in fact I might even have the messiest desk in the section. I don't like having a messy desk, when I am busy, it just happens.

Now you know that about me, it might suprise you to know that yesterday I tidied my desk. Perhaps I shouldn't openly admit to you all that it took the best part of 4 hours. I am finding it amusing that everyone who walks past is complimenting me like I am a child.

I find the trick to having a clean desk is to remove everything in your IN tray and place it in the recycle bin.

I guess the downside of having a clean desk is that now I am feeling very exposed. Particularly as I had a pile of boxes on the desk to the left of me, providing an accidental, yet very effective screen.
Here is my tidy desk. See how it sparkles?


  1. Good Girl! Is that what they sound like? Don't listen to them - whoever 'they' are. I tidied my desk up recently as an avoidance tactic and I found some stuff I thought I'd lost! #win

  2. Once you go 2 monitors you NEVER go back ;-)

  3. I would LOVE 2 monitors.... more room for those multiple spreadsheets that always seem to be open on my desktop....

    woohoo for your first post!

  4. LOL! My desk is messy too. I had a boss once that would remark pretentiously that a tidy desk = a tidy mind. To that I say... naughty words.

  5. Comments on my tidy desk include:

    The over the top praise:
    "Oh WOW look at your desk" (in increasingly higher pitch) "It looks great, good on you".

    Good on me?

    The sarcasm:
    "There was a desk under all of that?"

    And yes, 2 monitors is awesome!

  6. oh I wish mpow would let me have two monitors ... good work! Very neat indeed