Sunday, 19 June 2011

Post 17, in which it's Furry Friday again.

As I have already introduced to you my psychologically disturbed cat and my (almost) perfect dog in previous posts, allow me to share with you some of the strange things they do.


1. Banjo is terrified of hot air balloons and cowers in the back yard until they are out of sight.

2. Banjo either loves or hates the old Hills Hoist clothes lines. He would go crazy trying to bite the top of the pole where the other bit joins every time you'd hang out the washing or if the wind blew to make it spin around.

3. Banjo knows to wait at the lights when crossing the road. He knows the beep that means go and often drags you into the middle of the road with his incredible strength and traction. Recently he has become rather obsessed with the button that makes the noise and now tries to bite the button when it beeps. I think he sees us pressing the button and now wants to join in.


1. Finegan often comes home covered in grease. I was working on a theory at one time that he was secretly a mechanic at night time. That was until I saw him a number of times look for the dirtiest part of the road/gutter and then roll around in it.

2. Finegan has figured out how to open doors. In our house, there is too much paint on the doors/door frames, so they don't latch. You can however, push them closed and it takes quite a bit of strength to open them again. Finegan can now open doors by continually body slamming against them until they open. He often wakes us up at night doing this, though he usually does it when husband and I are doing husband and wife things, jumps up on the head of the bed and watches over us as if he is supervising. He also does it to the bathroom door. For some reason he likes to watch people in the shower. Perhaps he is a dirty old man trapped in the body of a cat.


  1. *lol* That's hilarious! Thank you for sharing your pet stories :) :)

    Our cat also likes to watch us shower, but it's mostly in the hope that we'll stretch an arm out so that she can drink drips of fresh water from our finger tips. This is her favourite way of drinking - we liken it to ancient royalty preferring to have their grapes peeled and handed to them by slaves :)

  2. LOL, I could almost see Banjo wagging his tail thru the picture =)