Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Post 22, in which there are more dinosaurs.

So a few months ago, I had given my 4 year old neighbour a dinosaur which he later informed me had been named 'Stapely'. I thought that was the awesomest name ever so the other day I asked him where he came up with the name. Had he heard it somewhere else or did he make it up?
To which he replied "I couldn't have made it up because I can't write, it must have been my big sister".
I asked if maybe he had made the name up in his head, he didn't need to write to do that. But no, he was adamant that it couldn't have been possible. Supercute.

Tonight and last night I made lots more dinosaurs.

I like making things.


  1. Stapely is an awesome name. Did you make 8 softies in two nights? Wow! I barely made one bracelet tonight before my fingers got too cold to thread beads onto superthin chain.

  2. I adore those dinosaurs. If my little boy grows up to like dinosaurs I know where I'll be coming to beg for one! (I will also have to learn to differentiate my triceratops from my T rex, etc etc.)